Pensacon 2014

This weekend was the first weekend of Pensacon. It’s a fantasy / science fiction convention in its first year that was held in the Pensacola Civic Center. It started Friday and ran through 5pm today.

I’m sure that Saturday was their busiest day, but since we were bringing the kids, we chose to head out today. The Sunday crowds were certainly less costumed, but everyone was very friendly with the exception of one very grumpy Orc looking fellow who insisted on jaywalking in traffic. I imagine that the cars would not have stopped him if they had hit him.

The first place we went was the dealer hall, located on the ground floor of the civic center. Since it was still being used for hockey games, they just laid wood on top of the ice and had the vendors set up on it. While this would definitely be a bonus in the middle of summer, it was a bit chilly in the winter.

One of the more original booths was for Skeeter the Duck. Skeeter has been in movies and all over YouTube. Riley enjoyed petting Skeeter and spending time with her.

This photo was taken in a fabulous traveling Tardis courtesy of the folks at Alt*Con Florida. They have a convention in Tallahassee, Florida at the Donald L. tucker Civic Center April 12 & 13.

The 501st also had a photo op area complete with storm troopers, realistic looking props and this extremely patient bounty hunter. Gavin was VERY unsure about standing near him.

When Gavin visited the booth earlier with Cameron, he wouldn’t go anywhere near the guys in uniform. So one of the kind gents allowed Gavin to try on his helmet instead. It was a little big for him, but the cuteness factor was in full force.

Gavin also had a chat with his Jawa cousins prior to moving on. I think they are planning a meet up to pillage and loot later.

One of my favorite booths was run by September Day Carter and Bob Carter, voice actors in national media. They run a side business for fun called Incognito Masks.

They are lightweight alloy masks with various decorations and designs. Cam bought me one and I cannot wait for the next occasion to wear it! It is super comfortable and the mask we purchased can be embellished further. Check them out! They are very affordable and high quality.

And last but certainly never least – the gaming. Quite a few of our friends prefer tabletop gaming or card gaming but my guys are hardcore video game fans. This gaming room was set up with Xbox 360’s in various configurations. Cam and Gavin found Ghost Recon and played while I explored the artist tables one floor up.

When I returned to the game room, I found Riley playing Super Smash Brothers with 3 other guys that looked at least 5 years his senior. They were kind enough to let him join and he played until we kicked him off to go home.

All in all, it was a good convention. They definitely set a record or two in having this event. They sold out the host hotel and filled the convention floor with vendors. I can’t wait to see how much it will grow next year!