Over the Rhine Weekend

To launch their upcoming album, Over the Rhine launched a campaign to pay for recording costs called Let’s Make a Record. I have followed Linford and Karin since the first release of Good Dog Bad Dog and the thought of seeing them perform live in their backyard really was a dream come true.

edgeswild.jpgPer Linford’s Dad.

We arrived early – right when things opened at 5pm. They had us parking in a side field and there was already one full row of cars. We started the second row. Beside a row of the swankiest portable toilets I have seen, was the entry area to go into Nowhere Farm. A string of lights graced the pathway and a large tent complete with chairs and stage was visible just through the trees. Cameron and I wandered past the tent and located a grassy area near the backyard fence to lay out our blanket and enjoy the picnic dinner we brought with us. We were quickly joined by a group from Texas to one side and a couple from NY on the other.

There is something about the audience at a Over the Rhine gathering that exudes a sense of peace and thoughtfulness. These people are part of our tribe. I have yet to see anyone treat another poorly at an OtR event. This evening was no exception. In fact, it was even more serene. We flew in from Florida to be a part of this event. I met people from all over the country that flocked in like a long awaited homecoming to listen to this music.


Cookie exchange and coffee. Amazing stuff.

IMG_6621Karin & Minnie Pearl

IMG_6622Making new friends. Rick and my husband Cameron.

IMG_6623Trying a bit of everything at the Great Cookie Swap. It all was amazing.

The real magic started at 7pm when Karin and Linford took the stage. IMG_6626Coming out to play.

IMG_6635They introduced the first few songs. Listening to them was pure bliss.

The set list:

  • Laugh of Recognition
  • Go Down Easy
  • Sacred Ground
  • Earthbound Love Song
  • Gonna Let My Soul Catch My Body
  •  King Knows How
  • Meet Me At The Edge Of The World
  • I’d Want You
  • Highland County
  • Called Home
  • All Over Ohio
  • Blue Jean Sky
  • Favorite Time of Light
  • Trouble
  • All I Need is Everything
  • Two Linford instrumentals while Karin took a quick break
  • Ohio
  • Wildflower Bouquet
  • Latter Days

Sacred Ground clip.

All I Need is Everything.


I was sad to see the evening end. It was one of those moments that you know you’ll hold forever in your memory – to return to as needed. I bought the tickets back in December without giving much thought to IF I could actually swing the trip. My husband bridged the gap and secured us a spot in a delightful Bed & Breakfast, got the plane tickets, and was able to leave our boys with their grandparents for the weekend. I told him he was off the hook for my birthday (June 1)  and our anniversary (June 19).

Port Merch sold t-shirts commemorating the event and I purchased two for us to keep on celebrating the event. I got them last week. I hope this is the start of a collection.


Ohio weekend


When most people were traveling to my home to celebrate Memorial Day weekend, hubby and I flew to Ohio. Specifically, we flew into Dayton, stayed at a great bed and breakfast in Lebanon, and watched our favorite band, Over the Rhine play in their backyard in Highland county. It was amazing. The food, the accommodations, the company – I loved it all. Leaving humid 90 degree weather and trading it for no humidity in the 60’s was also wonderful.


We stayed at Silver High Manor in Lebanon, Ohio. It was beautiful!


And Celeste made amazing breakfasts.


More photos around the outside of the B & B


If you are looking for a place to stay in Lebanon, I highly recommend them. Tell Celeste and Nick that we sent you!

More on Over the Rhine next!