Mary Hong’s 3 Day Intensive Workshop (part 1)

Last weekend I attended a three day workshop led by 2014 South Walton Artist of the Year, Mary Hong. After much interest from many of her students once she started teaching glass on canvas classes, Mary decided to teach a 3 day intensive workshop covering everything from planning the art to resin. 20140810-171455-62095939.jpg
The first day of the class covered planning our piece, painting it and adding textures.

Mary showed us quick and easy ways to add texture that often are over looked. I plan to shop at my home supply store more often!

After texture was covered, Mary demonstrated how she sets up the backgrounds for many of her canvases. I really liked her technique as it uses more white and less color than I previously used. It was also super fast! I covered my 30×40 canvas in half the time it would normally take me to paint a 20×20.

After putting on the first layer of paint, Mary covered texture for some of the other canvases.

Mary collaborated with Robin of Redbird Art on her background.

After we all put paint to canvas, Mary used my canvas to show how to ghost in the next step. You can see the finished product of the first day below: