DragonCon 2013

Every Labor Day weekend we travel up to Atlanta for DragonCon. We’ve done this since 2001, and we haven’t missed a year. Some years it was the only vacation we took. Other years, it was a stop in the wild and crazy path for that year. Since we’ve started going we have bought a house, had two kids, and I have changed vocations. The first two years that we had Riley, he went with us. I couldn’t bear to leave him for such a long time. By the third year, I realized that some time away would be good for both of us. When Gavin was born, we went with us the first year. Then he stayed home with his brother at his grandparents too.

This year Riley is 9 and we decided to bring him back with us. I’ve got to admit, it’s fun seeing something through the eyes of your child. They absorb things differently. They notice details you might overlook. And the enthusiasm!

This is Riley entering the MechCorps Battle Pods. These were, hands down, his favorite part of DragonCon. Forget seeing the spectacular costumes, meeting new & interesting people, riding overfilled elevators with strangely behaved adults – he really wanted to sit in a dark, enclosed, 360 degree experience video game where you chase your dad and his friends around in a giant robot and shoot rockets at each other. I can’t say I blame him. It was probably quieter in those pods than in the lobby of the Marriott after 7pm.

Riley also developed a new crush – Ice. I’m not sure if the crush is on the character or the person cosplaying the character, but I did get a full wiki education on Ice before we left the con. Yay for Scandinavians!

Riley met Wreck-It Ralph….

20130907-115743.jpg Ironman…

20130907-120014.jpg Hawkeye…

20130907-120133.jpg and Power Girl.
After we asked him to pose with the first costumer, Riley got into taking photos more. He also enjoyed watching the parade, robot battles and a few puppet shows. He wore his convention badge to school his first day back so he could inform his classmates of his epic adventures.
In addition to living the con through the eyes of my first born…

20130907-120828.jpgI even got to meet Aquaman, give blood and shop a little in the dealers hall.

Have you attended DragonCon? What are your favorite parts?