Field Trip to Krispy Kreme

My youngest had his first field trip today with his 4 year old preschool class to …. Krispy Kreme. They LOVED it.

The manager came out and explained how the dough moves along the conveyor belt cooking the donuts, flipping the over and cooking the other side. Then they move along and go under a stream of icing to make the “Hot Now” iced donuts that Krispy Kreme is famous for.

Usually, the most popular donut is the simplest – the classic iced. This time all the kids got chocolate iced with sprinkles. Gavin was in heaven!

The kids all got KK hats as well. They were so cute and the hats fit them perfectly.


Thank you Krispy Kreme Destin for letting 19 four year olds invade for a morning of sugary fun!