Top 5 products I’ve loved in 2013.

Throughout 2013 I’ve tried many, many new products. Some I’ve loved and some left the house rather swiftly. After one of my best friends got 3 items on her Christmas list straight from my new acquisitions, I decided it was worth it to share.

So here in no particular order are my top finds for 2013. (This doesn’t mean that they are new in 2013, just new to me!)

1. Cotz Face.

I got a tube of this from Brandcation 2013 and I have used every last drop of it. I even saved the tube until I could order more. It goes on matte, doesn’t get shiny and acts like a foundation and sunscreen all in one. It has a mineral sunscreen and an ingredients that doesn’t require a masters degree in chemistry to understand.


2. FitBit Flex.

Working out is sometimes fun. It’s more fun to stalk yourself and see how much ground you really covered at Disney (26k steps!) or how much sleep you really got last night (4 hrs 56min).


3. Spiral Slicer.

Zucchini is suddenly interesting. My husband and I are no longer discussing the “pasta, again?” issue that will sometimes crop up. And I’ve only cut myself on it once. It’s a fun little kitchen gadget that turns all your favorite veggies into pasta like noodles. Yay Paleo! Just add bacon.


4. O Key Ring by Oventure.


I got one in pink from Brandcation. I wasn’t sure if it would like it, but instead fell in LOVE with it. Those suckers are a little pricy, but they are made of leather and stand up to wear and tear. I am brutally hard on my stuff. The band has stretched out a little, but it’s leather and that is what leather does. It fits around my arm and makes losing my keys incredibly difficult.


5. 3D Lashes by Younique.

Holy Crap, this stuff is awesome. It’s worth the $29 price tag and I paid full price for it. Nicole is a fellow blogger and she signed up to be a consultant for Younique, a party plan makeup biz. They carry mineral makeup, face stuff and THIS.

Basically, you throw on your typical mascara and then grab your lashes kit. Add the transplanting gel, layer on the fibers and POW! Instant glamour. Trisha with MomDot tried them here.  Lynsey with Party Plan Divas tried them here.


Disclaimer – I am trying out Amazon affiliate links for the first time. If it works, yay! I get some cash to help pay for the blog. If it doesn’t, no worries. I still recommend the products. 🙂

Destin Snorkel & Snuba

snuba summary

Destin Snorkel and Snuba was AWESOME. They took us out to the jettys where we could snorkel and check out the marine wildlife or if we wanted to – to Snuba dive. I can’t recommend this enough. If you have ever wanted to dive but were not sure about getting all the certifications and possibly going too far under water, then Snuba is for you. If you are just visiting the area and don’t have time to get dive certified, then Snuba is for you.

Basically you wear a weight belt to achieve zero buoyancy, a mask and a regulator that is hooked to a tank floating on a raft that you share with up to 3 other intrepid explorers. There is also a videographer that is shooting throughout your trip and offers a dvd for purchase after. I made sure to get the dvd as it had some great clips throughout our excursion. They also have a book on board showing the different types of marine life in the area to familiarize you with what you can see throughout your trip.

This was easily one of my favorite parts of Brandcation and I can’t wait to bring my family back to try it!

snuba group blog

Buccaneer Pirate Cruise

buccaneer summary

Friday night our group sailed aboard the Buccaneer Pirate Cruise. It was the Scurvy Dogs 21+ cruise and oriented towards adults with great mixed drinks, bawdy humor and entertainment galore.

I sailed once before on the Buccaneer with my family on the Treasure hunt cruise.

The first time out was the Treasure hunt and very child oriented. The kids were kept VERY busy with water gun fights, swabbing the deck and the very important TREASURE HUNT. The kids had a blast and have been asking to go back since we last went.

The Scurvy Dogs cruise was excellent entertainment for the adults with dancing, games and much canon fire. The music was great and the staff really knows how to entertain and keep everyone’s attention!

If you are looking for something to entertain the family and enjoy the local views without actually going into the water – this is it. (Yes, there are times when you can be too sunburnt to go back out!) Tell Capt. Cannonball hello from Stephanie!

pirate group shot

**Most expenses were taken care of due to our awesome sponsors and other expenses that weren’t covered, I covered myself. All thoughts, opinions, and thanks are my own**

Brandcation DESTINation – Thank you!

Brandcation summary1

Last weekend I attended Brandcation DESTINation held at the Emerald Grande. It was wonderful! I met an amazing group of women who also happen to be professional bloggers. Being around them was fun, educational, and uplifting. Thank you ladies.

In addition to this wonderful group I connected with, I also was able to develop relationships with a few brands and sponsors and I want to thank all of them. Without them, Brandcation would not be possible!

First and foremost is Emerald Grande. We stayed onsite at the resort and it was utterly delightful. More on this experience soon!

Next was Destin Snorkel which was an amazing experience. Again, more soon!

We went on the Scurvy Dogs cruise on the Buccaneer Pirate Ship.

Places we ate included the Grand Vista Grill onsite at Emerald Grande, Jim N Nicks BBQ , Crab Island Cantina, La Famigila, Harry T’s, and Starbucks.

We also had a good number of swag items and sponsors!

Swag and Sponsors info

Flashing Blinky Lights


Band-Aid, Neosporin, Johsons Baby 

  • Twitter: @rfbinder

CoTZ Face Mineral Sunscreen   


Reflect Who I Am (shirts and bags)

Brush Buddies


O-Venture (keyrings)


All Things Equal/Family and Party Games   



MiniDrops (eye drops)  

Fan Bands   

Mommy Tonic

Clean and Clear/Neutrogena

**Most expenses were taken care of due to our awesome sponsors and other expenses that weren’t covered, I covered myself. All thoughts, opinions, and thanks are my own**

Brandcation – Destination 2013

I will admit to being slightly new to the blogging community. I have posted via MySpace and Facebook, and even kept up a professional blog, but this is my first personal blog. That being said, I have been working in social media for the past 5+ years. I have been watching from the sidelines all the fun events that pro-bloggers have had over the years. One of those yearly events is Brandcation put together by MomDot. This year is being hosted in my backyard so I *have* to join in for the fun. If you have a blog and want to join us, please consider it. We would love to have you!
Emerald Grande sunrise
Sunrise view from the ballroom at the Emerald Grande!