Pack 540 Pinewood Derby 2014

The Pinewood Derby for Pack 540 was yesterday morning. This year Cam was in charge of the event for the first time and I must say, he pulled it off well! Steve and Dave helped tremendously and between the three of them, they had a great event.

The cub scouts are provided a kit of a block of pine, 4 nails and 4 plastic wheels. They are then tasked with making it into a fast car. The Pinewood Derby is when all of the cars are pitted against each other to determine the fastest for each den which then move up to the district races.

It’s a fun, family oriented event. Riley made the Minecart this year while Cameron raced Jake that they made last year.

We didn’t place this year. Or any of the previous years. But we had fun and Riley is learning a bit about engineering. What more could you ask for?