Top 5 products I’ve loved in 2013.

Throughout 2013 I’ve tried many, many new products. Some I’ve loved and some left the house rather swiftly. After one of my best friends got 3 items on her Christmas list straight from my new acquisitions, I decided it was worth it to share.

So here in no particular order are my top finds for 2013. (This doesn’t mean that they are new in 2013, just new to me!)

1. Cotz Face.

I got a tube of this from Brandcation 2013 and I have used every last drop of it. I even saved the tube until I could order more. It goes on matte, doesn’t get shiny and acts like a foundation and sunscreen all in one. It has a mineral sunscreen and an ingredients that doesn’t require a masters degree in chemistry to understand.


2. FitBit Flex.

Working out is sometimes fun. It’s more fun to stalk yourself and see how much ground you really covered at Disney (26k steps!) or how much sleep you really got last night (4 hrs 56min).


3. Spiral Slicer.

Zucchini is suddenly interesting. My husband and I are no longer discussing the “pasta, again?” issue that will sometimes crop up. And I’ve only cut myself on it once. It’s a fun little kitchen gadget that turns all your favorite veggies into pasta like noodles. Yay Paleo! Just add bacon.


4. O Key Ring by Oventure.


I got one in pink from Brandcation. I wasn’t sure if it would like it, but instead fell in LOVE with it. Those suckers are a little pricy, but they are made of leather and stand up to wear and tear. I am brutally hard on my stuff. The band has stretched out a little, but it’s leather and that is what leather does. It fits around my arm and makes losing my keys incredibly difficult.


5. 3D Lashes by Younique.

Holy Crap, this stuff is awesome. It’s worth the $29 price tag and I paid full price for it. Nicole is a fellow blogger and she signed up to be a consultant for Younique, a party plan makeup biz. They carry mineral makeup, face stuff and THIS.

Basically, you throw on your typical mascara and then grab your lashes kit. Add the transplanting gel, layer on the fibers and POW! Instant glamour. Trisha with MomDot tried them here.  Lynsey with Party Plan Divas tried them here.


Disclaimer – I am trying out Amazon affiliate links for the first time. If it works, yay! I get some cash to help pay for the blog. If it doesn’t, no worries. I still recommend the products. 🙂