Boggy Creek Airboat Rides

IMG_2638During a recent trip to Orlando, we were fortunate enough to go on a group airboat ride. We had my parents and Cam’s parents with us and it really was an amazing time. Boggy Creek Airboat Rides took us out on tour. Cam, the kids, and I won our tickets as part of a Global Resort Homes prize pack, but our parents did purchase their tickets.


Cam and Gavin checked out a gator skin in the check-in area. They also had a baby gator in a tank to view.

Gator Forecast


The daily gator forecast was pretty amusing.


Me and the guys prior to the trip. We were all really windblown after!


Dick and Diana (Cam’s parents) pre trip.


My mom and dad with the boys. For the record, there were a gazillion shots I threw out before using this one. Gavin has a new habit of jumping and yelling cheese when you try to take his photo. It’s cute until it isn’t. (You moms out there know what I mean.)


Baby gator holding pen. I think it’s where they throw in the non-paying customers and whiny kids.


Airboat holding area. I imagine that this is the only cool spot in mid-August, if there is a breeze. Even in early October it was a little warm.



The boys fed the gators in the holding area to bide our time until our ride. (It’s a live nature show kids!)


Preparing to go out. Everyone got a lovely set of ear protection for the loud noises of the airboat engine. Gavin is under 5, so he also got to wear a life jacket. He found this very constricting and I’m not going to lie – it ticked him off. Thankfully, once the boat got moving, he got over it.


Mom and Dad preparing to get windblown. Dad’s hair isn’t back yet from chemo, so he didn’t have to worry about it getting messed up. (See? Always look on the bright side!)


See Gavin sulking? It’s the life jacket. Beats being gator bait little man!


Riley was looking back at our tour guide piloting the boat. It’s got to be a fun job.


See? Almost over it! Almost.


Wind! Gators! Swamp land!


Another view of our excellent surroundings.

We really had a blast and would happily do it again. It was fun to see the natural side of central Florida and the freshwater that makes up so much of that area. This was an activity that three generations enjoyed immensely. Can’t wait to go back!

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