Back to School


It’s that time of year again! Moms across the area are rejoicing for a few hours of free time during the day and for the return to routine that we all crave. Riley started 4th grade this morning. I gave him the choice to meet up with friends or ride the bus and he chose to ride the bus. He mentioned that a friend from his bus, Tanner was also in his class. I think he was excited to see him.

We’ve been quite fortunate over the years to have excellent teachers for Riley. He isn’t a difficult student, but he could slip through the cracks if not noticed. Riley is very passionate about a few subjects and could care less about others. Each of his teachers over the years has nurtured him and helped him to grow into who he is now. By all reports and rumors, his current teacher is an excellent fit.

I’ve got one more week before Gavin starts Pre-K, so expect a second photo then!

What is your favorite part of back to school?

2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. What a handsome guy! He and my son are the same age. My son would LOVE that shirt LOL.

    I hope both of your kids have a great school year!!!

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