Horseback Riding Lessons

A few months ago my mother in law suggested that my firstborn should get horseback riding lessons. Since she also bought the boots, covers, and lessons, I figured “Why not?”

She was right. Firstborn LOVES it. His teacher says that he does very well with his lessons and has picked up quite a bit naturally.


He is learning how to groom & tack the horse, including brushing down the coat, cleaning the hooves and how to properly put on the saddle and bridle. I think learning how to “drive” such a large animal is helping considerably with his self confidence.

Yesterday Firstborn was able to trot around the arena on his own. It was awesome to watch him.

I found out afterwards that the horse nipped at him when they were getting him ready. His teacher said that Firstborn did get pretty upset about it, but that he moved on from it and kept going.

His lessons are at Rocky Bayou Stables out in Freeport. It is a bit of a drive from Destin, but well worth it.

What are your kids trying out new this summer?

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