Coconut chocolate cups

I follow this page on Facebook called Just Eat Real Food. It’s a wealth of information with some neat recipes and ideas. This recipe was posted a few days ago and since I had almost all of the ingredients, I insisted on trying it.
The original recipe is posted here.

I couldn’t find 100% dark chocolate, so I went with the 90% that my local Fresh Market carried.

Line a muffin pan with 6 liners. Throw in your first layer, which is just pure coconut butter. Yum. I got my coconut butter (again, courtesy of Just Eat Real Food) from Tropical Traditions.

I was a little over zealous with the coconut butter, but that was mostly because I misread 2 teaspoons as 2 tablespoons for the first layer. Oops!

Then I melted down the entire bar of chocolate. I don’t own a double boiler, so I stacked a smaller pan inside larger pan with a layer of water in-between. Once the chocolate was melted down, I added coconut milk, vanilla extract, & honey with a pinch of sea salt. I would love to say I precisely measured everything, but I would be lying. I took the original recipe as a guideline, and tried to stay within the proportions suggested. I added additional coconut milk when the chocolate started to thicken a bit.

Then I added the chocolate layer. I put everything back in the fridge and waited for it to harden. It took longer than the 5 minutes of the coconut butter first layer. (20 minutes, estimated)

Once the chocolate layer was hardened, I added the top layer of coconut butter and put it back in the fridge until morning.


This was what awaited me. It was hard to cut in half, but worth it since I new I had to share with hubby. The coconut butter is super hard straight from the fridge and the chocolate layer has a bit more give. The entire concoction is GOOD. I ate one quarter of a cup and gave the other quarter to Cam. He ate it and demanded more. Then he demanded that I make more for our gathering of friends this evening.

The cost of ingredients is a little high, so if I could find a way to make smaller cups (obviously with a lot less coconut butter on the first layer) then I could make it for friends at large gatherings.


How would you improve this recipe?

One thought on “Coconut chocolate cups

  1. I would fresh raspberries in another layer! MMMMM

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