Gourmet grilled cheese & cats


Friday night is typically soccer night during the spring. This past Friday was also my friend Ashley’s Fancy Feast House Party to help launch their new cat food with cheese. Ashley has a few cats including a white male called Sergio. Sergio is a bit unusual in that he will eat anything. ANYTHING. Tofu, popcorn, cheese, pretty much anything. Ashley and her husband Jeremy made gourmet grilled cheese for the humans with fun variations like Brie and blueberry, garlic toast and cheese, and pizza grilled cheese with marinara sauce. Gavin went with me and enjoyed a conventional grilled cheese cut like a cat. It was a hit with Gavin and as you can see in the photo, Sergio had to check it out too!


After enjoying our grilled cheese, Gavin and I got to meet five lovely 4 week old kittens and their mama cat. Ashley is fostering them for Feline Friends of Destin and they were found in the parking lot at Walmart in Santa Rosa Beach. I’m not sure why someone would just abandon their cat, but it was awesome of Ashley to foster them! Hopefully we can go back and see them again, this time with Riley.

Thank you for such a lovely time Ashley & Jeremy!

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